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Sidewalk Repair from your Houston Concrete Supply

Cracked sidewalk? Talk to our Houston concrete supply specialists about sidewalk repair! Sidewalk repair is an affordable way to help increase curb appeal and safety outside your home. Also, in many areas, you may be legally responsible for sidewalk maintenance and repairs to keep it safe for pedestrians. 

Talk to Your Houston Concrete Supply about Sidewalk Repair

Houston concrete supply lays new concrete for sidewalk

Your Houston concrete supply can help you with sidewalk repair and replacement services!

How do you know when to talk to a Houston concrete supplier about sidewalk repair?

Generally speaking, if you notice damages on the sidewalk, it’s time to talk about sidewalk repair. So, if you see any cracks, divots, crumbles, or uneven areas, you might need to repair the concrete.

Repairs are an affordable way to keep your sidewalk in good condition. Depending on the issue, we can patch the concrete for cracks, small holes, and other damages. If your concrete is slightly uneven, it may also be repairable. 

Getting repairs as soon as possible can also help stop the damage from spreading. This can save you money because extensively damaged sidewalks may need replacement.

For major damages, you may need to replace the sidewalk. This depends on a lot of different factors, but a good rule of thumb is if you have cracks that are wider than half an inch, then you might have bigger issues that repair may not fix. For example, the ground may have moved underneath the pavers, making them cracked and uneven. Concrete repairs won’t address the ground underneath, so this is a good sign you need sidewalk replacement from your Houston concrete supply. 

Also, if you know the sidewalk’s age, it may influence whether you repair or replace the concrete. Generally, sidewalks last around 25 to 30 years when installed properly. If the sidewalk is on the other side of that age, it might be better to work with our concrete specialists to replace it with new concrete, rather than make repairs.

Am I Responsible for Sidewalk Repair Outside My Houston Home?

Why would you get sidewalk repair? Isn’t it the responsibility of the city? This is a common misconception.

In many cases, homeowners are responsible for keeping sidewalks in good condition outside their homes. This is because the sidewalk is typically considered an easement on your property. Basically, this means you still own it, but others have a legal right to use it. In many cases, you may even have liability in a slip and fall accident for unkempt sidewalks. 

According to the Houston City Code of Ordinances Chapter 40 Article III § 40-84, Houston property owners are responsible for maintaining sidewalks adjacent to their property. Now, if you have an HOA, this might be different. For example, in many communities, the HOA owns all the public areas. Be sure to check your HOA’s bylaws to be sure. 

Therefore, in many cases, it’s your responsibility to maintain the sidewalk outside your home. This means you may need to work with your Houston concrete supply at one point or another to repair or replace sidewalks. We offer affordable solutions to help you keep your sidewalk safe and looking good.

Choose a Local Houston Concrete Supplier for Your Concrete Needs

When you need Houston ready mix concrete, choose our team at TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix! We’re a locally owned and operated company, which means you get fast, friendly service and the highest quality concrete for your needs. Our experts customize your concrete formula based on your project, so you can rest easy knowing you have the most durable and reliable concrete available for your needs. Our certified technicians help with projects big and small, residential or commercial, to help you create the right concrete mix. Call us now at (713) 227-1122 to talk to one of our specialists and get a free quote!

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