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Houston Concrete Supplier: Types of Concrete Mixing

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Ready mix concrete from your Houston concrete supplier helps you get concrete customized to your application.

Ready mix concrete from your Houston concrete supplier is the perfect solution for many projects. It allows for precise, tailor-made formulas from concrete experts and arrives at the site already mixed, which means no hassle or mess for you. Depending on your project, there are a few ways to mix concrete so it arrives ready for pouring. Our concrete specialists decide on the type of concrete mixing based on your project’s needs. 

How Does a Houston Concrete Supplier Mix Concrete?

There are three different ways to mix concrete: transit mixing, shrink mixing, and central mixing. Each has its pros and cons, but your Houston ready mix contractor can help you choose the right option for your project.

Transit Mixed Concrete from your Houston Ready Mix Contractor

Concrete mixing truck with red white and blue drum

One of the most popular options for mixing ready mix concrete is in the truck during transit.

Transit mixed concrete is one of the most common ways to mix concrete. This involves placing all the ingredients for your formula into the truck individually. Then, the mixer truck rotates at high speeds to mix the batch. Once mixed, the driver turns the drum down to an agitating speed for transport. Basically, this way you can mix the concrete while driving or while the truck is stationary, such as at the job site.

Since you mix this type of concrete right before it’s needed, it’s exceptionally workable. The main drawback is that your Houston concrete supplier can’t fill the truck with as much concrete with this type of mixing. 

Shrink Mixed Concrete

Another option your concrete contractor may suggest is shrink mixed concrete. For this type of concrete, the crew partially mixes your concrete in a stationary mixer at the concrete plant. Then, the cement truck completes the rest of the mixing in transit. 

This type of mix has less workability than transit mixed, but is still plenty workable for many projects. The primary reason you might choose shrink mixed concrete is because your ready mix supplier can fit more concrete inside the truck this way, but you still get many of the same benefits of transit mixed concrete. 

Central Mixed Concrete from your Houston Concrete Supply

With central mixed concrete, your concrete batch is mixed at your Houston concrete supply yard in a stationary mixer. These concrete mixers are also called central mixers, which is why this type of concrete is called central mixed. 

This type of concrete typically offers the lowest amount of workability. Also, trucks filled with central mixed concrete might not be able to travel very far, as they are only agitating fully-mixed concrete to deliver it to the destination. The main advantage of this type of concrete is that the mixer trucks can often hold much more central mixed concrete compared to transit or shrink mixed formulas. 

Customized Concrete Solutions from TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix

When you need high quality concrete, choose our team at TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix. We offer customized mixes designed for your project by our certified concrete technicians. In addition to expert concrete contractors, we also offer a large fleet of cement mixers for fast turnaround for your ready mix concrete needs. Call us now at (713) 227-1122 to get a free quote!

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