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Houston Concrete Supplier: Eco-Friendly Pervious Concrete

Your Houston concrete supplier has solutions for sustainable concrete projects!

Eco-friendly parking lot from Houston concrete supplier TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix

Pervious parking lots from your Houston concrete supplier help reduce environmental impact for your property.

Pervious concrete is eco-friendly and offers many other benefits. This type of concrete has been recognized by the EPA for Best Management Practices for Stormwater for helping reduce runoff and protect water quality. It’s great for use on sidewalks and parking lots for commercial properties. 

How Does My Houston Concrete Supplier Make Pervious Concrete?

Pervious concrete is a high porosity concrete that allows water to drain through it. Your Houston concrete supplier makes it out of cement, water, coarse aggregates, and a small amount of sand. Therefore, the formula provides small gaps throughout the concrete mixture to allow water to percolate down into the soil. Although it’s different than traditional concrete, it still offers a long life cycle, high strength, and exceptional durability. 

After formulating your pervious concrete, we deliver it in a mixing truck and pour it for your sidewalk, parking lot, or other concrete project. Also, because there’s so little water in the mixture, we’ll take steps to keep it damp for the whole curing process to ensure you get strong, high quality concrete. This means keeping it damp for about seven days, typically with plastic sheeting. 

What are the Benefits of Pervious Concrete?

So, why choose pervious concrete from your Houston concrete supplier? There are many different reasons. Two important categories are the environmental and economic benefits of pervious concrete.

Environmental Benefits

This eco-friendly concrete offers many advantages for sustainability goals. Pervious concrete may even help you earn LEED points for your property.

Some of the environmental benefits of using this type of concrete include:

  • Recharging ground water
  • Filtering out surface pollutants
  • Reducing runoff
  • Reducing heat island effect from concrete structures

Therefore, if you’re looking for sustainable concrete, pervious concrete may be the perfect solution. 

Cost Benefits

Also, pervious concrete from your Houston concrete supply can help reduce costs for your property. 

For example, property owners may need to build fewer systems for drainage because rainwater drains directly into the soil. This also means there’s less need for irrigation systems for landscaping features. In addition, pervious concrete also means you may need to use sewer systems less and may eliminate the need for expanding sewer systems.

Pervious concrete from your Houston concrete supplier can also help you utilize more of your land. For instance, many commercial properties that use traditional concrete must install water-retention systems like ponds to handle runoff. However, pervious concrete reduces this need, which means you can use the land for other structures or landscaping. 

Affordable, High Quality Ready-Mix Concrete From Our Houston Concrete Supply

If you need concrete solutions for your commercial or residential property, our team at TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix is here to help! Our certified technicians can help you find the best concrete formula for your needs. We’re proud to be your one-stop source for concrete with state-of-the-art technology and industry-leading practices. Also, our large Houston cement mixing fleet is also equipped with GPS technology to ensure timely delivery for your concrete projects. We are here to provide you with the best quality service for all your concrete needs. Give us a call at (713) 227-1122 to get a quote for a custom ready mix concrete formula today!

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