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Houston Ready Mix Concrete: Replacing Concrete Steps

Man on concrete steps made from Houston ready mix concrete

Houston ready mix concrete can help you replace old, deteriorated concrete steps.

Concrete steps are a great option for both residential and commercial use. They are incredibly durable and can be designed to match nearby walkways for a cohesive look. However, there may come a time where you need replace your concrete steps. In this article, we’ll discuss how to repair cosmetic issues and when you’ll need to use Houston ready mix concrete to replace them. 

When to Use Houston Ready Mix Concrete for Damaged Concrete Steps

If you have minor cosmetic damage like small cracks or little missing chunks from your concrete steps, usually you don’t need a whole batch of Houston ready mix concrete to repair the issue. Instead, you can usually use a concrete patching compound to fill in the damaged areas. Patching compound is usually concrete mixed with a binder like epoxy.

However, if you have significant damage or structural issues for your concrete steps, then you will likely need help from your Houston concrete supplier. Stairs with a lot of damage are usually too far gone to repair. Instead, they will need replacement. This ensures everyone is safe on your property.

How to Replace Concrete Stairs

Replacing your concrete steps involves a few different elements. The first thing to do is consider the stairway design. This includes visual design like color, texture, or stamping. Usually, it’s best to match the style of surrounding walkways.

Concrete step design also includes technical design like stairway width, tread and rise. It’s important to follow all building codes for your concrete stairs. For example, usually the minimum width for outdoor concrete stairs is 44 inches, though there are some exceptions where you can create a 36 inch wide stairway. Also, step rises generally must be a minimum of four inches and a maximum of seven inches. 

Once you have the right design, then you’ll need to create a cast that fits those specs. To create concrete steps, you’ll need to pour the concrete into the mold and allow it to cure fully. Once cured, you will need to demolish the old stairway and remove it completely. If the structural damage was due to soil shifting or poor initial sitework, then you will also need to address these issues before placing the new concrete steps. 

TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix – Your Go-To Houston Concrete Supplier

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