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Houston Concrete Supplier: Resurfacing Stamped Concrete

Houston concrete supplier pouring concrete

Your Houston concrete supplier can help you resurface your stamped concrete surfaces.

Stamped concrete is a beautiful and decorative addition to any home or commercial property. This type of concrete can look like any number of surfaces, including stone, brick, and tile. However, stamped concrete from your Houston concrete supplier is often much more durable and also less expensive to install compared to those other materials. One project that you may need help with is resurfacing stamped concrete when there’s significant cosmetic damage. 

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How Your Houston Concrete Supplier Helps You Resurface Stamped Concrete

If you need to repair a stamped concrete surface, you can often fill small cracks with a patching compound and stamp and color it to match the surrounding area. However, for stamped concrete restoration or to add stamped concrete to an existing slab involves adding a stamped concrete overlay. You can do this with help from your Houston concrete supplier to get the concrete you need for the job, including with color additives to fully customize your project.

When to Resurface Stamped Concrete 

There are many reasons why you may need to resurface stamped concrete or add a stamped concrete overlay to an existing concrete surface. 

One reason is that you have cosmetic damage to your stamped concrete. For instance, lack of proper maintenance like cleaning and sealing regularly can lead to discoloration and stains. If you can’t remove these stains, then you might want to improve the look of your concrete with resurfacing. 

Another reason to consider a stamped concrete overlay is if you have an existing concrete surface, like a patio or walkway, that you want stamped. In these cases, there’s no way to retroactively stamp the cured concrete. However, you can add more concrete from your Houston concrete supply on top and stamp that instead for the look you want. 

One key thing to note is that adding a stamped concrete overlay does require the concrete underneath to be in good condition. Otherwise, the new concrete surface will run into the same issues. Structural damage like significant cracks or tilting signal that you need to remove all the concrete and start over, from the site work to completion. Adding an overlay on these surfaces will not repair the issue. 

How to Add a Stamped Concrete Overlay

Once you’ve decided to resurface your stamped concrete, there are several steps to take. The first thing to do is thoroughly prep the surface through a deep cleaning and allow it to dry. Next, you’ll need to work with your Houston concrete supplier to get the right type of concrete delivered when you’re ready. Just before the concrete arrives, you’ll need to apply a bonding agent so the new concrete sticks to the old concrete. Then, your Houston ready mix contractor pours the new concrete on top. Usually, this is a layer of new concrete about ¼” to ¾” thick. Then, stamp and finish the concrete to achieve the right look. 

Texan Concrete Ready Mix – Your Trusted Houston Concrete Supply

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