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Your concrete specialists take precautions to help cure your Houston ready mix concrete properly.

Curing Houston ready mix concrete can be a complex process. Your concrete experts use special equipment and procedures to help cure your Houston ready mix concrete effectively. This is especially true for certain weather conditions. When possible, you may want to work with your Houston concrete supplier to find a day with optimal concrete curing weather. However, rest assured that your ready mix concrete contractors have the knowledge you need for strong, durable concrete in less than ideal conditions.

What Weather Conditions Affect the Houston Ready Mix Concrete Curing Process?

Concrete curing is a process that involves controlling moisture and temperature in your Houston ready mix concrete until it hardens to ensure the highest quality concrete once the project is complete. Therefore, many different types of weather can affect your concrete curing process. Temperature can have a huge impact on how well your ready mix concrete cures. Proper concrete curing generally means keeping the temperature above 50° F. Anything below that can make your concrete freeze, which makes it weaker. High temperatures can dry your concrete out too quickly, which can also make it less durable and strong.

In addition, your Houston concrete supplier may monitor humidity and wind forecasts to determine the best way to cure your concrete. Low humidity or windy days can also dry out your concrete. This can cause cracking, low durability, and poor surface quality. Also, some studies show that concrete cured in dry conditions can reduce concrete’s strength by up to 50%. Therefore, there are several ways that weather can affect how well your concrete cures.

How Does My Houston Concrete Supplier Prevent Curing Issues in Less than Ideal Conditions?

Naturally, it would be difficult to ever get anything done if we only poured concrete in perfect conditions. Therefore, your concrete contractors have developed several ways to cure concrete in poor weather without sacrificing quality. As we’ve mentioned, the key to curing Houston ready mix concrete effectively is controlling the temperature and moisture during the curing process. To do this, your ready mix concrete specialists have a variety of tricks up their sleeves. In some cases, it’s best to incorporate additives into your concrete mixture to help offset issues during curing. Other times, your concrete experts may use equipment like special concrete heating tools or sprayers to control the curing process. This way, we can ensure you receive the best concrete for your project.

At TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix, we are an elite Houston concrete supply with the knowledge and experience you need for your home or business. Our team has solutions for your residential and commercial projects. We work with you to determine the right custom formula perfectly tailored to your needs and budget. Using only ASTM-approved aggregate materials and SEMA-approved additives, we provide you with high quality concrete mixtures. We also use state-of-the-art equipment to perfectly prepare and mix your concrete.  Call us today at (713) 227-1122 to talk to one of our experts and request a free quote today. We are here to serve you!

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