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Your Houston Concrete Supplier & Restaurant Floors

Houston Concrete Supplier – TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix Enterprise

Your Houston concrete supplier provides flooring solutions for your restaurant.

Restaurant floors must meet a wide range of demands and regulations. However, your Houston concrete supplier offers flooring that passes the test. Concrete flooring for your restaurant is durable, sanitary, and slip-resistant. Additionally, floors from your Houston concrete supplier offer a low maintenance and cost-effective option for your restaurant. Learn more about the benefits of concrete for restaurant floors.

Safe, Sanitary Restaurant Floors from Your Houston Concrete Supplier

Restaurant flooring is under a lot of scrutiny for safety and sanitation. Health departments, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and even the United States Department of Agriculture all have regulations about restaurant flooring. However, your Houston concrete supplier offers an easy, durable flooring option that meets all these standards.

First, restaurant floors must be slip-resistant to prevent slip and fall accidents. Flooring from your Houston concrete supplier can be made slip resistant in a few ways. First, your concrete contractors can add texture into the concrete itself. Then, you can also use gritty substances to seal your concrete and provide additional grip for your employees.

Restaurant flooring must also be food-grade and easy to clean. Concrete floors from your Houston cement mixing specialists also fit these criteria. Once properly sealed, concrete floors in your restaurant will be non-porous and easy to clean. This means they are quite sanitary. Concrete floors are also food-grade when you choose the right concrete sealers. Therefore, concrete is a great option for restaurant flooring.

Low Maintenance, Budget-Friendly Concrete Restaurant Flooring

In addition to meeting food, health, and safety regulations, concrete floors are also low maintenance and inexpensive. Restaurant floors from your Houston concrete supplier can withstand a lot of abuse, from heavy traffic to industrial-grade cleaning solutions. Therefore, your restaurant will need fewer repair and replacement services, which will save you in the long-term. Additionally, you only need to seal your concrete restaurant floors every few years. Therefore, concrete is the perfect flooring option for restaurants.

Also, floors from your Houston concrete supply are inexpensive. Compared to other options like ceramic tile, concrete restaurant floors are faster to install, and the materials cost significantly less. This means you can save on up-front costs for your restaurant’s floors. With ready mix concrete, you have a wide range of color and design option to ensure your concrete flooring fits your décor and brand. Additionally, you can also stain or paint concrete to suit your needs. Therefore, concrete flooring is the perfect choice for your restaurant’s floors.

At TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix, we provide high-quality ready mix concrete and concrete installation services. Our team will help you create a custom formula tailored to your concrete project. From restaurant floors to parking structures, we have solutions that suit your needs and budget. Call us today at (713) 227-1122 to talk to our experts about your upcoming project and request a free estimate. We are here to serve you!

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