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Why Hire a Houston Concrete Supply Company vs. DIY?

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Your Houston concrete supply knows how to mix and pour concrete to prevent cracks and increase durability.

If you’re planning a concrete project, you might be thinking you should just pour the concrete yourself. However, in most cases it’s better to work with your Houston concrete supply for your concrete needs. In fact, your concrete contractor can generally save you time and money compared to DIY. Additionally, your Houston concrete supplier can achieve better quality concrete due to years of experience. Learn more about why you should choose a concrete contractor for your project.

Your Houston Concrete Supply Can Save You Time and Money While Providing Higher Quality Concrete Structures

While it may seem less expensive to buy a bag of concrete mix and pour it yourself, it’s more cost-effective and efficient to work with your Houston concrete supply. Your concrete specialist can help design a concrete formula perfectly suited to your needs. Also, they already have the tools necessary to perform the job. This means you don’t have to go out and purchase costly equipment you’ll only use for one project.

Because your concrete contractors work with concrete every day, they can prepare the site and pour concrete more quickly and effectively. Years of experience and industry knowledge help your Houston concrete supply provide a higher level of quality as well as a quicker, hassle-free experience. Therefore, it’s often more affordable and convenient to have your Houston concrete supply mix and pour your concrete.

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Concrete Pouring Compared to Working with Your Houston Concrete Supply

You still may be thinking that you can get away with do-it-yourself, rather than scheduling with your Houston concrete supply. However, there are a few risks involved that may occur when you choose to mix and pour the concrete yourself. Here are some common things that often go wrong with DIY concrete projects:


In order to get strong, attractive concrete, you must prepare the site before pouring. Putting concrete on loose soil can make your concrete crack and crumble when the dirt starts to settle. Your Houston concrete supply will compact and level the soil to create the best base for your concrete.


Weather is another issue that many homeowners don’t plan for during their project. For example, wind and rain can affect how your concrete cures and can make it less attractive and durable. Your concrete contractor plans around these issues and can add special admixtures to help counteract weather conditions when needed.

Water Ratios

One of the most important parts of creating high quality concrete is getting the water to cement ratio perfect. Too much or too little water can impact curing times as well as the appearance and longevity of your concrete. By contrast, your Houston ready mix concrete technicians get the perfect water ratio for your concrete.

At Texas Concrete Ready Mix, we are a leading Houston concrete supplier with a track record of high quality, on time completions. We offer prompt, friendly service as well as competitive pricing to help suit your needs and budget. From small residential patios to commercial structures, our team is here to provide you with the expert services you need. Call us today at (713) 227-1122 to talk to one of our professionals and request a quote for your project. We are here to serve you.

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