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Self-Healing Concrete for the Houston Concrete Contractor Industry

Commercial ConcreteConcrete is one of the oldest building materials and dates back to the time of the ancient Romans. Over the years, many improvements have been made to this classic formulation. Retaining the professional services of an established Houston concrete contractor can ensure that you receive the right concrete mix for your specific needs. These knowledgeable technicians can also provide you with the latest information on the available options for your building projects. Self-healing concrete is one of the most innovative new arrivals in the construction marketplace and is poised to revolutionize the way structures are built in the future.

What Is Self-Healing Concrete?

Self-healing concrete mixtures are one of the latest developments in the construction industry for Houston concrete contractor companies and are poised to provide greater longevity for building projects in Texas and across the country. These innovative formulations are designed to repair cracks and seal gaps in the surface of concrete. When moisture seeps into the cracks of self-healing concrete, it reacts with other components included in the mixture to expand and fill holes and gaps automatically.

Bacteria Are the Key to the Process

The secret ingredient in self-healing concrete is a capsule that contains one of two types of bacteria. Bacillus and Sporosarcina are the two most commonly used types of bacteria and are incorporated into the concrete during the Houston cement mixing process along with calcium lactate, which serves as their food source. These bacteria remain dormant for up to 200 years within the concrete until they are exposed to water. They then awaken and begin consuming the food source. This process results in the formation of calcite, a natural substance that serves as cement and seals off the damaged area quickly and permanently.

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

While some forms of self-healing concrete have been released for commercial use to the Houston Concrete Contractor industry, these building materials typically cost up to 30 percent more than traditional concrete options. The high cost of self-healing concrete materials is attributed to the need to incorporate calcium lactate into the mixture and has limited its use in the modern construction field. Some efforts are currently being made to substitute sugar for calcium lactate. The results thus far have been disappointing, however, and have failed to achieve the durability needed for practical use.

The experts at Texas Concrete Enterprise Ready Mix Inc. can provide you with the most effective Houston concrete supply services and the latest options in cement and concrete mixing and formulation. We specialize in providing you with state-of-the-art solutions for commercial and residential construction needs throughout our area. Give us a call today at 713-227-1122 to get a quote for your next project. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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