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Preparing for the Arrival of the Houston Concrete Supply Company

Commercial ConcretePlanning ahead and preparing for the arrival of your Houston concrete supply company can help your construction project go smoothly. Understanding the right actions to take before concrete is delivered and poured will provide you with the best possible results. Try to follow a few of these vital steps before your Houston concrete supplier arrives on your worksite.

Create a Cohesive Schedule

The first priority when planning your concrete pour is to establish a plan that works with your construction schedule and Houston ready-mix contractor. Your schedule should include provisions for all aspects of your pour. This includes arrival times for your Houston concrete supply company and for your workers before and after the pour. Key personnel should be on site.

  • A traffic controller or spotter is required to manage trucks arriving or leaving the site.
  • You should also schedule the services of a concrete inspector to make sure that your concrete and pour site is properly prepared to begin.
  • If needed, a pump operator should be on hand to operate pump equipment for your concrete pour.

Creating the right schedule is critical to the success of your project and will help you to avoid unnecessary downtime during the concrete pouring process.

Prepare the Site

Placing all the forms and reinforcements for your concrete pour should be completed well before your concrete supplier arrive. In many cases, your Houston concrete supply company can provide you with recommendations for preparing and setting up your site correctly.

Put Safety First

Creating and implementing safety protocols correctly is an integral part of the planning process. Your safety plan should include training for your workers as well as the purchase of necessary safety equipment. It is also important to have an evaluation of your worksite to eliminate any potential hazards to health and safety.

Document the Process

Tracking and documenting all the activity on your worksite are good ways to demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety. This can also provide valuable evidence of the entire process to help deal with any problems that may arise later on.

At Texas Concrete Enterprise Ready Mix Inc., we specialize in creating the most appropriate concrete formulations for our clients. We work with construction companies throughout our area to provide the most effective and durable concrete solutions for all your projects. Call us today at 713-227-1122 to get a quote or to request more information from us. We look forward to the chance to work with you.

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