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Houston Concrete Supplier: Creating a Concrete Generator Pad

Houston concrete supplier pouring concrete

Your Houston concrete supplier can specially formulate concrete for your generator pad.

Many business owners and homeowners are installing generators to help them maintain power when utility power fails. They can be incredibly helpful during outages from high demand or from extreme weather like hurricanes. If you’re considering installing a generator, get in touch with your Houston concrete supplier to provide the concrete you need for a stable base for your generator machinery. 

Work with Your Houston Concrete Supplier for a Generator Pad

A generator pad helps provide a stable, level base for your generator to sit on. This is a necessary step to keep your generator in good condition. In many areas, the law requires you to provide a strong base for your generator to reduce safety risks. Therefore, installing the right pad can help you reduce risks, increase generator longevity, and also avoid things like fines from local authorities. 

When you work with your Houston concrete supplier, you can get a concrete generator pad that you are sure is perfectly designed for your generator. When you choose expert concrete contractors, they can help you with everything from concrete formulation to recommending the proper thickness and size of the concrete base, which can be incredibly helpful when creating a pad for your generator. 

Why Concrete for Generator Pads?

There are many reasons to use concrete for your generator pad. Concrete is one of the strongest materials available to use to support your emergency generator. Pouring concrete on-site for a generator pad provides the most stable base and is less likely to sink, shift, or crack compared to other base options, even pre-poured generator pads. When done correctly, a concrete generator pad from your Houston concrete supply can last decades and provide the needed support for your generator and related machinery.

Tips for Designing a Concrete Base for Your Generator

Your Houston concrete supplier can help you determine the right options for your concrete generator pad. There are several things to consider when designing a concrete base for your standby generator. 

One of the first things to do is pick the right location. Usually generators are installed outside due to the noise they create during operation. You want it located far enough away from the building that the noise isn’t a problem, but also in a secure location that is easy to reach for maintenance. It’s also important to consider the soil in the area, as it needs to be strong and stable to pour concrete. 

The size and thickness of the concrete is also important. If the pad isn’t the right size, then it may not be able to support the entire generator. It may also leave no room for maintenance professionals to perform necessary service on your generator. Too thin and the concrete may crack from the excess weight. Therefore, work with trusted concrete professionals to ensure your concrete pad design works well for your application. 

Also, let’s not forget that the concrete formula needs to be spot on as well. Your Houston ready mix contractor can customize your concrete perfectly to suit your needs. Usually generator pads should be a 1:2:3 ratio of cement, sand, and aggregates. However, this might change depending on your generator, the soil quality, or the environmental conditions where the concrete pad will sit. 

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