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Step on a Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back: Causes of Cracks in Concrete

Houston Concrete SupplierCracks in your concrete can mar the appearance of your driveway or walkway. When these cracks occur in foundations or slabs, however, they can represent a real threat to an entire structure. Working with a qualified Houston concrete supplier is the best way to prevent these issues and to promote the most durable and strongest buildings in our area. There are a few primary causes of cracking concrete and effective strategies can prevent these issues.


Houston ready-mix concrete is naturally inclined to shrink over time, which can cause stress and may result in cracks that can affect its appearance and function. Choosing a concrete supply company with the right experience can ensure that the mix used for your project will shrink as slowly as possible and will minimize the effects of these natural processes on the stability and utility of your concrete installations.

Temperature Changes

Over time, your concrete can expand and contract depending on the temperatures outside. Hot Houston summers and chilly winters take a real toll on the durability and longevity of these concrete installations. Adding a coat of specialized sealant to the surface of your concrete driveway or sidewalk can reduce the risk of cracks caused by alternating hot and cold temperatures during the year.

Excessive Pressure

Too much weight on a slab, driveway, sidewalk or foundation can cause deep cracks that could require repairs or replacement for these installations. Discussing the weight requirements of your project with your Houston concrete supplier can ensure that your slab, foundation or driveway can stand up to the pressure without cracking or collapsing under extreme weight.

Seismic Shifts

Earthquakes and tremors are caused by shifts in the plates that support the crust of the earth. Minor shifts may not be felt at the time they occur. Nonetheless, these seismic events can have a significant effect on concrete structures. To prevent movement and cracks caused by earthquakes and tremors, your Houston concrete supply company will build in stress joints that can protect foundations and slabs from cracking under the pressure of these seismic occurrences.

The Houston concrete supplier, Texas Concrete Enterprise Ready Mix, can provide you with the most advanced and practical concrete formulations and services for your construction project or renovation. Our certified concrete technicians have the expertise and the proven know-how you need to ensure the highest degree of success for your commercial or residential project. To learn more about our services or to request a quote, contact Texas Concrete Enterprise Ready Mix today at 713-227-1122. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you with the best ready-mix options in the Houston area.

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