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When NOT to Use Ready Mix Concrete

Site mix concrete tool being used instead of Houston ready mix contractor

Your Houston ready mix contractor may advise you to use site mix based on the size, timelines, and location of your concrete project.

Ready mix concrete offers a lot of advantages for projects. You’re able to completely customize the formula for your needs and have it delivered perfectly mixed by our trucks. It’s perfect for many residential and commercial projects, from laying foundations to creating driveways. However, there are some situations where working with your Houston ready mix concrete contractor may not be the best solution. In this blog, we’ll discuss some situations where ready mix may not be the right choice.

If you do need ready mix concrete in Houston, contact our experts at Texan Concrete Ready Mix today.

Difference Between Ready Mix Concrete and Site Mixed Concrete

Ready mix concrete has been on the rise in construction projects as it ensures a higher quality of concrete. As the name suggests, ready mix is mixed and ready to be used when it arrives. The concrete is batched at our plant and mixed by a cement truck on the way to your location. On the other hand, site mixed concrete involves creating mixtures individually onsite. The mix generally comes in a powdered form and must be mixed with water on site as needed. Overall, ready mix concrete is far more reliable and often results in fewer technical issues downstream given its ready-to-use nature. However, there are some projects that aren’t well suited for ready mix.

When Not to Use Your Houston Ready Mix Contractor Service

Ready mix concrete is a popular choice for construction projects due to its fast drying and ready-made use time. However, ready mix concrete does have its drawbacks and knowing when not to use ready mix concrete is essential for protecting the longevity of your project. Remember, if you’re unsure whether ready mix is right for you, reach out to a professional ready mix contractor for advice and guidance.

Your Project is Small

Even though ready mix concrete can save you time and effort, it’s not ideal for small projects. Ready mix concrete usually comes in large quantities, which can be wasted if your project only requires a small amount of concrete. Additionally, ready mix concrete is ready to lay soon after delivery. This makes it difficult for smaller projects that require precise placement and waiting times between stages of work. It’s probably best to site mix your concrete in these instances.

You Don’t Have an Exact Time or Date Planned for Concrete Work

Since ready mix concrete is mixed to perfection enroute to your location, it’s important to have a plan in place for concrete work. Otherwise, you won’t be ready to use the concrete when it arrives. If you don’t have that plan in place (and won’t in future), then it might be best to use site mixed as you find you reach those stages.

Your Location is Far Away from the Concrete Supplier  

If you’re ready to start the construction process on a project, ready mix concrete may not be your best bet if it must be delivered from very far away. Ready mix concrete needs to be used soon after it’s ready. Ideally within a couple of hours. The farther away it has to travel from your concrete supplier, the more likely that it will exceed that ideal mixing time and become too dry for use. Plus, there are additional costs associated with transporting ready mix concrete from longer distances. So, if you’re far away, site mixed might be a better option.

Texan Concrete Ready Mix – Your Trusted Concrete Supplier in Houston

While there are some cases where ready mix concrete might not be the right choice for your project, it offers a lot of benefits, including better quality and less wastage than site mixed concrete. If you need ready mix concrete for your commercial or residential project, our team is here for you. Our team at Texan Concrete Ready Mix is here to assist you with tailoring any job requirement and providing you with timely deliveries of high quality ready mix concrete. So when your next big project calls for concrete, contact us for a free quote.

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