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Houston Concrete Supplier Tips: Leaf Stain Removal on Concrete

Concrete walkway surrounded by trees with leaves that can stain the surface and require help from your Houston concrete supplier to remove.

Use tips from your Houston concrete supplier to remove leaf stains from concrete.

Concrete is all around us – patios, sidewalks, walkways, and foundations. Both residential and commercial concrete surfaces can be vulnerable to staining, as concrete is a porous material. One question we frequently get asked as a top Houston concrete supplier is how best to remove leaf stains from concrete. In this article, we’ll discuss different methods you can use for stubborn leaf stains on concrete. 

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Tips from a Houston Concrete Supplier for Leaf Stains on Concrete

There are many different types of stains you might encounter on concrete. Leaf stains are really common and really difficult to remove. This commonly happens when leaves sit on concrete for a long period of time, often when wet. While they’re not permanent, they’re some of the toughest concrete stains to remove. The good news is, with a little know-how from your Houston concrete supplier, you can remove leaf stains and restore your concrete to normal condition. 

How do Leaves Stain Concrete?

You might find it surprising that leaves stain concrete. However, it’s an issue that many people experience every day. Any time leaves sit on a concrete surface for too long, you risk leaf stained concrete. For example, fallen leaves during the autumn season are a common cause of leaf stains. However, green leaves may also cause issues, such as if you leave green waste from landscaping work on a patio. 

There are actually many pigments inside leaves. It’s easy for these pigments to transfer to porous surfaces like concrete, just like how grass stains can transfer to your pants. When this happens, the stains are often quite visible and may be tough to remove from Houston ready mix concrete with normal cleaning methods.

How to Clean Leaf Stains from Houston Ready Mix Concrete

So, how exactly do you clean leaf stains off of concrete? The key is to remember that leaf stains are organic, and organic stains need more than your average soap or degreaser. Instead, you need cleaners specifically designed for organic stains. Often, these are enzyme cleaners and you can find them listed as pet stain removers. However, Oxiclean is another common household cleaner you may have that can work well against leaf stained concrete. For fresher stains, try Oxiclean. For older stains, try an enzyme cleaner. 

The first step for cleaning any leaf stains on concrete is to remove the leaf debris by sweeping or power washing. Then, you’ll need to dampen the concrete. If you’re using Oxiclean, apply this to the stains and let it soak for a few minutes and scrub with a stiff bristled, non-metallic brush. Enzyme cleaners will need to sit for much longer to work, sometimes even 24 to 48 hours before scrubbing. Then, rinse thoroughly to remove all the cleaner. If there are still faint stains, repeat the process until your concrete looks like new. 

Some important things to note are that you’ll need to protect nearby plants from any cleaners you use, as they can cause damage. Also, once you’ve removed the stains, it’s probably a good idea to seal the concrete to stop stains in the future. Another preventative tip is to remove leaf debris from concrete as soon as you can so the pigments can’t stain the concrete. 

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