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Houston Concrete Supplier: Storage Shed Foundations

Houston Concrete Supplier - TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix

Work with your Houston concrete supplier to create a strong foundation for your storage shed.

If you’re thinking of installing a shed, it’s important to talk about the foundation with your Houston concrete supplier. Concrete shed bases offer a long-lasting, durable option to keep your shed safe and in-place. Concrete slabs offer the strongest type of foundation for your shed. Working with our concrete specialists can help ensure a strong, secure foundation for your needs.

Talk to Your Houston Concrete Supplier about a Foundation for your Shed

Unlike houses, sheds don’t have to meet the same building code requirements, which is why foundations are sometimes considered optional for storage sheds. In fact, many shed manufacturers say that no foundation is required for sheds that are smaller than 6’x8’. However, concrete shed foundations can help keep your new shed upright for years to come. 

Also, concrete foundations form your Houston concrete supply can easily support all the things you might need to store in your shed. For example, if you’re planning to store lawn mowers and other equipment, these things are quite heavy. This can put too much stress on other types of foundations, but concrete is plenty strong for everything you may need to place in your shed. 

In addition, shed foundations from your Houston concrete supplier help provide your shed with a flat, stable base. This is important when installing a shed, because uneven ground can affect the structural stability of the shed. This can put undue stress on the structure and can make it more prone to collapse. Depending on the size of the shed, the ground in your yard, and how you’ll be using the shed, we offer expertise to help you determine the right options for you. For example, most sheds are fine with a four inch thick concrete foundation, but some may need more or less concrete. We also provide custom Houston ready mix concrete formulations based on your specific needs.

Benefits of Houston Ready Mix Concrete for Shed Foundations

Why work with a Houston concrete supplier for ready mix concrete? Ready mix concrete allows us to tailor the concrete formula to your specific needs. For example, we might include different admixtures in the concrete for your shed foundation to help make it stronger. Once our team understands what you need from your concrete, then we create a very specific formula for long-lasting results. Then, we deliver the cement mix and pour it for you to help you complete your project. 

Expert Concrete Contractor

At Texas Ready Mix Concrete, we are a Houston concrete supplier with solutions that meet your needs and budget. Our certified technicians are here to help you with all your commercial and residential concrete needs. We maintain the highest standards for quality control so you know that you get the best mix for your project. Call us today at (713) 227-1122 to learn more and request a free quote!

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