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Your Houston Concrete Supplier & Replacing Concrete Steps

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Are your porch steps cracked and worn? Talk to your Houston concrete supplier about concrete stair replacement.

Concrete stairs are durable and long-lasting. However, sometimes you may need to replace concrete steps. Your Houston concrete supplier can custom-mix a formula that will work best for your new stairs. Learn the signs that your concrete steps need replacement and call your Houston concrete supplier for installation.

Signs You Need Replacement Steps from Your Houston Concrete Supplier

While you can often repair damage to your concrete stairs, there are a few signs that you will need to remove and replace your concrete stairs. If you notice that the tops of your stairs are completely smooth, it’s time to call your Houston concrete supplier for replacement. When your stairs were new, they likely had grooves in them from your concrete contractor using a trowel to even out the surfaces. This texture helps provide traction for those using your stairs, especially in wet or slippery conditions. However, over time heavy use can wear down the grooves, which can be a safety concern.

Additionally, if you notice cracks in your concrete steps, you may need concrete stair replacement from your Houston concrete supplier. You can typically repair small, shallow cracks on your stairs. However, if you notice large, deep cracks, or multiple cracks in your concrete steps, it’s likely time for replacement. Cracks can indicate compromised structural integrity for your stairs. Also, eventually cracks may cause large chunks to break off when you step on your stairs. Therefore, talk to your Houston concrete supply about cracking concrete steps.

How to Replace Concrete Stairs

When you need new concrete steps, you’ll need to demolish and remove the old ones. Then, your Houston cement mixing company can pour a new slab that will serve as the foundation for our new steps. With ready mix concrete, your concrete specialists mix a durable, high performance formula that will be perfect for your new stairs. Next, your Houston concrete supplier will mix and pour the concrete into a stair-shaped mold based on the measurements you need for your new steps. Once cured, your concrete experts will install the stairs by placing them on top of the new foundation and sealing the edges for a consistent, uniform look.

At TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix, we are Houston’s leading ready-mix concrete supplier. We offer high-quality concrete formulations, competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Whether you need concrete for your home or business, we have the solutions you need for your concrete projects. Our team makes sure your order arrives on-schedule and is perfectly suited for your applications. Call us today at (713) 227-1122 to request a quote for your upcoming project. We are here to serve you.

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