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Decorative Aggregates & Your Houston Concrete Supplier

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Your Houston concrete supplier can use different decorative aggregates to help you achieve a unique look for your concrete.

Decorative concrete is a great option for walkways, patios, and more. Your Houston concrete supplier can help you achieve your design goals by incorporating different aggregates that match your aesthetic. Aggregates are the grainy materials used to strengthen concrete and make up about 60-75% of your concrete. However, they also offer unique decorative options. Talk to your Houston concrete supplier about how you can use aggregates for your concrete project.

How Can My Houston Concrete Supplier Incorporate Decorative Aggregates?

Your Houston concrete supply can enhance the look of your concrete by adding aggregates to the surface. This is called exposed aggregate concrete and gives you many different options. Depending on the aggregates you choose for your Houston ready mix concrete, you can control the surface pattern, texture, and color of your project. Once you determine what you want your concrete to look like your concrete contractor will formulate a mix based on your preferences and your project.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregates

Exposed aggregate concrete has been around since the 20th century. Therefore, it provides a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. Additionally, your Houston concrete supplier offers a wide variety of options for your concrete. So, you have added flexibility on how your concrete looks and what you use it for. For example, your concrete contractor can pour walkways for your home, patio spaces, or even three-dimensional shapes.

Concrete is also quite practical in terms of maintenance and cost. Houston ready mix concrete is affordable and easy to maintain with a long life-span. Therefore, it’s a cost-effective option for all sorts of projects. Exposed aggregate concrete also offers you a skid-resistant surface, due to the texture created by the aggregates you choose. This makes it great for any area where you need extra traction as well as a gorgeous look.

Choosing the Right Aggregates with Your Houston Concrete Supplier

To choose the right aggregates for your decorative concrete, your Houston concrete supplier will work with you to determine the right formulation for your project. The aggregates you choose can affect the durability and strength of your concrete, so your concrete contractor can help you choose the perfect option based on how you want it to look and what you will use it for.

Some common decorative aggregates are pea gravel and river rock. Pea gravel gives you a smoother, more consistent surface, while river rock is more varied in color, size, texture, and pattern. Your Houston concrete supplier can provide you with guidance on how the final product will likely look to help you choose the best material for your exposed aggregate concrete project.

At TEXAN Concrete Ready Mix, we are an elite Houston concrete supply company. We have the solutions you need for your residential and commercial projects. No concrete job is too big or too small for our team, and we pride ourselves on providing excellence in everything we do. Our team’s dedication to customer satisfaction means you receive superior concrete formulations and services. Calls us today at (713) 227-1122 to discuss your needs with one of our experts or to request a quote for your upcoming project. We are here to serve you!

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