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4 Concrete Additives and Their Uses

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Your Houston concrete supplier can customize your ready mix concrete for a variety of uses. Depending on what you are using your concrete for, you may ask about different admixtures to make your concrete project more effective. There are many types of concrete additives your Houston concrete supplier can add to your concrete. A few are: water reducing, accelerating, air-entrainment, and corrosion-inhibiting. Find information about each of these additives below.

Ask Your Houston Concrete Supplier about Water Reducing Additives

One additive that your Houston concrete supply company may add to your concrete is a water reducing admixture. As the name suggests, water reducing additives minimize the amount of water needed for your concrete. This helps increase the workability of your concrete and increases its strength and durability. Additionally, this mixture can strengthen the bond between concrete and steel and decreases carbon dioxide emissions for your project.

Using Accelerating Admixtures

Another additive your Houston concrete supplier may use for your project is an accelerator. Accelerating additives speed up the hardening process and gives your concrete more strength in the early stages of hardening. Therefore, this admixture is typically used for emergency repairs and in cold weather conditions.

Air-Entrainment Mixtures from Your Houston Concrete Supply

Air-entrainment admixtures trap millions of tiny bubbles in your concrete. This makes it more workable and reduces bleeding and segregation of your fresh concrete. So, your Houston concrete supplier may use this additive in areas where the concrete may freeze and thaw or get wet and dry frequently, as it increases the durability of your concrete under these conditions.

Adding Corrosion-Inhibiting Mixtures to Your Houston Ready Mix Concrete

Another additive that may come in handy is a corrosion-inhibiting concrete admixture. Generally, your Houston concrete supply company will use this admixture for reinforced concrete structures. This mixture prevents corrosion for the steel reinforcements inside your concrete structure. Therefore, this can reduce the maintenance costs through the lifetime of your structure.

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